“We are not called guardians for nothing! … I remember the Rio 92 Conference, the biggest meeting of leaders on the planet. We discussed the future of Earth and reached agreements about it. Fifteen years have passed, and now society has the experience, the knowledge and the economic instruments to guide us toward a better life in this millennium. We have to understand that we are the guardians of this planet. We have the heritage, the honor and the mission to keep it alive, to carry human experience forward to the next centuries. We are the generation that is experiencingone of the most important times of civilization, just a dot in the timeline of the Universe, from the past to the future.


We have to act now!

To fight against global warming, to protect our biodiversity, and to use our resources rationally. We do have the tools. The Earth Charter gives us a direction, the Convention on Biodiversity informs us, the Agenda 21 reminds us of out commitments and the Kyoto Protocol is the ignition key. In the cities, on the mountains, on the oceans, or in the forest, we are all guardians.”